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How does membership work and what do I get in return for my investment? is a community project which anyone can join by simply becoming a member.

Once your membership is confirmed, you will have totally unrestricted access to all of the courses and study materials for a whole year( Take a free look at our course library ). As you work through the various courses, you may feel drawn to one particular healing system or even to several of them: let your intuition guide the way!

At this stage, you can decide to be attuned to those energies which most draw you. Attunement is done at a distance and simply requires you to create a sacred and quiet space where you can receive the attunement download, undisturbed. Full instructions on how to prepare are provided at enrolment so you can be fully informed at every step of the way.

For some, it is simply enough to study and perhaps be attuned to these energies for themselves and their loved ones. However, for students who decide to go one step further in qualifying as a therapist and healer in their chosen systems, a nominal fee of only £4.99 per course makes that possible. Just complete the simple assessment task and your professional practitioner certificate will be sent to you straight away. We have students who have qualified in every system of healing and their portfolio of achievements certainly look impressive, hanging on their clinic or healing room wall!

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