Amara Omni Empowerment


You will learn:

  • A Personal Reality
  • Introduction to Spiritual Healing
  • Amara-Omni
  • Working with Amara-Omni
  • Multidimensional Symbols
  • Amara
  • Ja-Keiou-Ma
  • Shirah
  • Eternal Flame Within the House of Life
  • Order of the Silver Serpent
  • Maia
  • Io
  • Death-Rebirth
  • Life
  • Amara-Omni Initiation
  • Final Words
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Product Description

Learn About Amara Omni Empowerment :

As an introduction to the Guidebook, I would like to share the current basis of my beliefs. These are my personal beliefs and the Amara-Omni Empowerment system does not depend on these in any way. No matter what your own beliefs are, Amara- Omni will find a way to work with them. The reason I am sharing mine in this Guidebook is to simply show the framework for the birthing process of Amara-Omni. My beliefs, together with those of my wife, mold the way Amara-Omni is brought   through and presented to others.

My ultimate reality is multidimensional, infinite and timeless. It is not the sum of its endless manifestations, as it exists in every one of them as a whole. There is no separation between things, no empty space, as everything is alive, conscious and whole. In its timeless state the universe constantly unfolds itself. Every moment is a new creation and all those moments exist multidimensionally as one.

The soul is an individualized expression of the Source – Void/All That Is – All That Is Not. I do not see it as a fragmented separate piece though, but as an expression that has the full infinite potential to explore all other expressions that reside “within” the creation as well. It is not isolated from other souls as it is an open-ended system. There is constant  interconnectedness and the soul shares aspects of itself in other souls. Consciousness knows no barriers. The Ocean can be seen as one, or as being full of little drops, all connected to each other and being the Ocean itself. The possible separation that our minds perceive is only the psychological framework from which individuality and diversity may spring. It is a chosen rule for the game so to speak. Souls are the Source exploring itself in a certain, specified way. They are the Source in action, the actualized potential, each representing an idea emerging from the infinite sea of potentials, deriving new ideas from the original one. They expand into all “corners” of creation and beyond to the point where they merge back and become the infinite Source again, thus re-fulfilling their limitless potential. It is not a linear process, as it all happens in the Now. This perceived process of creation and uncreation is simply a movement of consciousness.

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