History and Meaning of Angelic Reiki

The word “reiki” simply means “healing ray” and is Japanese in origin. It was brought to the forefront of human awareness by the Usui Reiki originator, Dr Mikao Usui at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. You can read more about Dr Usui and his tremendous gift to mankind on our sister site www.athenaschool.co.uk. If reiki means healing ray then angelic reiki on a most simplistic level is “angelic healing ray”; a means of connecting to the angelic realm on a permanent basis for healing.

Following on from this foundational work by Dr Usui and the early reiki masters such as Mrs Phyllis Furomoto, came the great work of Patrick Zeigler from which Sekhem healing energy was gifted to the world ( link to Patrick’s site here). Dr Usui clearly stated that the system of healing that he brought through was only the tip of the iceberg and that higher and more powerful energies would be bestowed upon humanity later, when they were collectively ready to receive them. This process is continuous and, by about 1998, led to the initial energies which began to blend the Usui reiki system of healing with the angelic rays. Even now, new energies are constantly becoming available to us and are reflected in the many individual healing systems featured on this site.Along the way, healers and teachers such as Kevin Core have contributed significantly to the process and we are deeply grateful to them for their commitment to this process and journey.

Perhaps inevitably along the way, there have been claims that a particular system is better than others or that one is the original angelic reiki system. This community takes the view that individual students should rather choose for themselves what feels right for them and thus we aim to offer as much choice as possible.Of course, it’s true that anyone can connect to the angels and masters without any form of study or attunement process but not everyone has the confidence to do this and in increasingly litigious and bureaucratic times, a certificate to prove that training has been received and to allow insurance cover to be put in place is a wise move for anyone intending to practice for a living.