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About Affirmative Prayer

Prayer is an invocation or act that attempts to spark a rapport with a deity, an object of worship, or a spiritual entity through willful communication. Prayer may be a sort of religious practice, might be either individual or done in groups and happen in public or in private. Prayer might involve the utilization of…

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Prayer Is The Best Thing!

Prayer definitely works and is still working today as it did thousands of years ago. There are many that have experienced it’s power. Just when you wonder when are things going to get better…prayer gets answered! And most of the time it will be better results than what you imagined! A powerful true experience of…

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The Power of Prayer

There are several different types of prayer. What are the different modes of prayer? Talking to God – This is the one on one type prayer – where we converse with God to develop our relationship with him. We may ask him to help us in areas that we need spiritual, physical or emotional support….

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Effect Of Prayers On Our life

What are prayers? To pray means to convey a request to God. Those who believe that there is no God, can still pray to the higher power in who they have belief. But to say that there is no God, makes us feel very lonely at times. At times of crisis, who will you approach?…

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