Angelic Light And Sensing The Presence Of Angels

Every  angel  has  their  own  distinctive light, much like humans have their own unique scent and fingerprints. An angel’s light  can  be  brilliant  bright  white  light  or  it  can  be coloured. Those who are experienced in detecting this light, can tell which angel is present by discerning the colours or even individual sounds.

Angels  make  their  presence  felt  by  emitting  energy  that  we, as humans, can be trained to perceive.  Children are naturals at this and need no such training! In short, angels  have  light and  this  is  how  we  can  see  them.

Angels  are  not  physical  beings;  they  are  spiritual  beings.  Due to this,  they  can  usually be perceived as see  through and lacking in solid substance. However, they are capable as appearing as “mere mortals” if that is what someone need sin order to be open to seeing them. They are magical beings, who can take any form.


Sensing   angelic   light

You may  ask  that  if  angels  are  all  around  us,  how  come only  some  people  can  see  them?  The answer relates to our individual perception.

You may  not see  or  sense  angels.  Other people can see  angels  or  spirits.  These people have opened  up their  minds  and  developed  their  psychic  abilities  to allow  them  to  view  other  realms  of  existence. Sometimes, this happens as a result of years of training and , for others, it occurs spontaneously, after a traumatic life event or even near death experience. In the early days of learning to open up to the angels, it is easy to get disheartened so always remember: just because you  can’t  see  something, it  does  not  mean it’s  not  there.

We have  five basic physical senses  –  to  see,  hear,  smell,  touch  and taste. Humans use  their  dominant  sense  of  sight  for  over  50%  of  all  information  gathering.  This is why we  are  inclined  to  want  to  see  things  with  our  own  eyes.  Visual cues are  stronger  than audio  cues,  which  are  in  turn  stronger  than  smell,  touch  or  taste  cues. Your sixth  sense  is  the  ability  to  know  things  and  perceives  entities  that  you  cannot  see  with your  main  five  senses.  It is  about  knowing. Because we are not usually so accustomed to using this sense, we do not trust it at first and must learn, over time, to develop this knowingness.


Visions   of   angels

To  have  a  vision  is  a  common  thing  when  you  start  to  work  with  Angelic Reiki. It can be a bit of a surprise in the beginning and the angels are aware of this so tread sensitively. They certainly do not wish to alarm anyone and deter them from their path. They will also only make contact when you have invited them in in some way.When working  with  Angelic  Reiki,  you  are  actively  inviting  the  angels  to  come  to  you  and  to be  present  in  the  room. This activation of your intention is a key part of the process.

If  you  keep  practicing  and  become  aware  of  angels  in  your  life,  you  will  start  to  develop  your other  senses  so  you  can  perceive  angels  and  their  light on a regular basis. You will soon start to receiving their helpful messages and guidance in your life. It’s always a personal decision, of course, to decide whether you wish to keep these skills for yourself and perhaps family and friends or whether to also open up to helping others too, by working as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner or Card Reader.

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