Angelic Reiki Today and the differences from Usui Reiki

Angelic Reiki today

Angelic  Reiki  is  a  system  of  energy  healing which can  be  learnt  by  anyone.  It is a  hands on healing modality  where  the therapist   works  closely  with  their  clients  with  healing  methods  using  the  highest  energies  from  the  angelic  realm. This brings  about  healing  and  creates  balance  for  all  through  who receive  it.

In  Angelic Reiki,  there  is  a  healer  or therapist  and  a  recipient or client.  The  healer  is  the  channel  or  portal  through which  the  angelic  energy  flows  to  the  recipient.

Angelic  Reiki  originally  drew  on  two  other older Reiki  traditions of Usui  and  Shamballa  Reiki,  and  it  combines them  with  powerful  transmissions  channeled  from  Archangel  Metatron.



Angelic Reiki  is  slightly  different  to  traditional  Reiki  in  that  the  angels  are  always present.  The angels provide  their  light  and  energy  for  healing.

Here are some of the key differences:

In  Angelic  Reiki:

  • All the  attunements and healings are  done  through  the  power  of  the  Angelic Kingdom  of  This is quite an advancement on the original process, where the student receives the attunment form their Reiki Master, as a go between or intermediary. There is no such “middle man” with Angelic Reiki;
  • Angelic Reiki  intimately  merges  the  person  with  the  angels,  through  the  angelic  light and vibrations. During the healing process, the wings of the angels can often be felt, enveloping the client, as they receive the healing therapy;
  • By knowing  the  angels,  it  bring  us  into  the  sphere  of  the  divine  self  or  Many clients and recipients talk about feeling an on going connection and direct link to the angelic realm after a session and , quite often, they state that this is permanent thereafter.
  • Angelic Reiki  brings  a  new  paradigm  in  the  understanding  of  our  evolutionary journey  and  thus  creates  the  potential  for  deeper  For many, it is a deeply profound and life changing moment.
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